I am Verl Johnson

I am a mother of four children, a Beekeeper and an Internet Marketer. 

I always wanted to be successful and enjoy a good life and provide for my family, but didn't know how to do that. So I started doing beekeeping, and I became one of the top apiarists in my organisation, who also help other people with their beekeeping apiaries (as a Resource Beekeeper).

 What I found is that to really make it with beekeeping, you have to use a lot of different apiary locations (in Jamaica) to get the type of honey production that will give me the lifestyle I want. I wanted more income to do more of the things I liked doing. So I turned to online marketing to help me market my beekeeping products and take advantage of other online opportunities.

 As a mother I knew that having many beekeeping locations wasn’t going to work out for me. I love working from home, and going to different areas to tend to my beekeeping business was difficult. So I had my home location for my beekeeping business and I work online.

 In 2018, I found internet marketing, the idea of working from home in my beekeeping business and online with an unlimited income potential, time freedom, and luxury lifestyle seemed very appealing and I got very excited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, I didn't have much money so I borrowed from my beekeeping income to start this online venture.

My first two years were a disaster, because I didn't know how to do any of this "marketing stuff" and did what I saw everybody else doing. As a result, no sales and a huge headache to go along with it! That crushed me.

 Luckily for me, I didn't give up. And I'm so glad I didn't.

When I was at that lowest point in my life in this online space, a real mentor showed up. He gave me a different blueprint to follow and I was smart enough to take his advice and run with it without questioning anything.

My way wasn't working so I had nothing to lose.

Don't be just another affiliate marketer out there, "he said...

"If you're just like everybody else, you're nobody," he continued.

That made a lot of sense, you see - before that, I was following the herd and doing exactly what everybody else was doing.

So, I started following a different model that my mentor taught me.

In the next 90 days, I began making record numbers in leads and commissions each and every month.

By following this blueprint, my income skyrocketed, and my life completely changed for the better. It's a feeling I sincerely wish for you to experience as well.

My dear friend, look...

If you're reading this and my story resonates with you...

If you're anything like I was initially, you have a big desire to create a stress-free life, earn more income, create more time freedom, and give yourself and your family a truly amazing lifestyle that you guys deserve...

 But you don't know where to start, and what to do...

 Perhaps you've tried many things only to get disappointed...

and it frustrated you because you know that you deserve something better; you feel it in your gut!

 We can help you, just like we have helped thousands of others just like you.

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